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Migrate and Build Data Pipelines for Databricks Faster with Infoworks


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Many organizations are moving to Databricks as a foundational platform to support their digital transformation initiatives. Databricks is an amazing Apache Spark platform that requires skilled data engineers to hand code data pipelines and workflows. Infoworks DataFoundry delivers high levels of automation and integration, easing the burden on organizations that don’t have large data engineering teams while also greatly accelerating time to value for new analytics use cases.

Join Infoworks for this educational webcast on how to build data pipelines faster for Databricks. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Some of the key challenges you will have to overcome in building data pipelines and data workflows
  • How to launch 10 times more analytics use cases in your Databricks environment with the same resources
  • How to increase data engineers’ productivity by 10X
  • What to do for employees who require a no-code environment
  • Why Infoworks is the most advanced no-code solution running on Databricks

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Ramesh Menon 
VP Product, Infoworks


Todd Goldman
VP Marketing, Infoworks

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