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Automate Migration and Ongoing Cloud Data Operations for BI and ML Data Pipelines

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Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 2pm ET / 11am PT

Organizations are in a race to move their on-premises data warehouse and Hadoop data analytics environments to the cloud and they are looking for solutions to make the migration and ongoing operations easier and faster. The combination of Infoworks and Databricks automates more of the migration, development, operationalization and orchestration of data pipelines than any other available solution. Infoworks' no-code environment accelerates enterprise-scale Databricks cloud analytics and ML projects.

Infoworks DataFoundry and Databricks' managed Apache Spark platform deliver high levels of automation that ease the burden on organizations which don’t have large data engineering teams, while also greatly accelerating time to value for new analytics use cases.

In this webcast, see how you can build production-quality data pipelines faster for Databricks. You will learn:

  • Some of the key challenges you will have to overcome in building data pipelines and data workflows
  • How can you automate some of the migration of data and pipelines to a Databricks environment in the cloud
  • How to launch 10 times more analytics use cases with the same resources
  • How to increase data engineers’ productivity by 10X
  • How to automate the ongoing management of data pipelines
  • What to do for employees who require a no-code environment
  • Why Infoworks is the most advanced and best integrated no-code solution running on Databricks

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Kevin Holder

Head of Solution Architecture and Field Engineering, Infoworks




Prasad Kona

Solutions Architect, DataBricks

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