enavigate Agile Data lake

Your complete guide to achieving success—and avoid being sucked into a Big Data whirlpool.

It’s a fact that 80% of big data projects fail to deploy.* And it’s commonly-overlooked hazards that sink such initiatives—which typically involve underestimating the technical complexities involved, the specialized expertise required, plus the ongoing effort needed to maintain an often-brittle operational environment. The How to Navigate to an Agile Data Lake eGuide shows how you can:

  • Deliver sophisticated and reliable big data analytics solutions in weeks
  • Easily address the issues involved in building and maintaining a data lake
  • Quickly derive value from your data lake

Plus, you’ll see how end-to-end automation frees you from the need to hire a small army of hard-to-find big data developers. And how our customers develop and launch 10 times the number of analytics use cases in 1/10th the time. Read the eGuide today!

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*Enabling Essential Data Governance for Successful Big Data Architecture Deployment Gartner, January 2018

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