Big Data Analytics

Key Considerations for Successful Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

As increasing data volumes are being generated and stored in the cloud, enterprises are rethinking their strategies for big data processing and analytics. Driven by the business imperative of unlocking the value of their data to derive new business value, data and analytics teams are advancing this fundamental building block: how to store and process data as efficiently as possible. Migrating data processing and analytics workloads to the cloud is easier said than done, however—especially with multiple cloud providers and data processing approaches to choose from, as well as ongoing investment in on-premises data processing and analytics resources. In this webinar, Matt Aslett, Research VP at 451 Research and Ramesh Menon, VP Products, Infoworks will discuss key considerations for successful big data analytics in the cloud, including:
  • The trend towards data processing and analytics cloud services
  • Benefits and challenges of data processing in the cloud
  • Hybrid/multi-cloud and distributed data processing
  • Execution venue decision-drivers and cloud migration options
  • Migrating from cloud to cloud and maintaining portability
  • The separation of compute and storage
  • Big data processing options and trends—including Hadoop vs. Spark


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