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Office Hours with Infoworks

Weekly Technical Session with an Infoworks Solution Architect


Online Session Every Friday at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Join us for this informal Q&A session and interactive demo. Our solution architect will answer your questions and show you whatever parts of Infoworks DataFoundry software address your needs.

In this session:

  • See the no-code solution for building and orchestrating data pipelines for your advanced analytics environment
  • Learn how to overcome challenges in data ingestion, change data capture, data pipelines, cataloging, lineage, orchestration and monitoring
  • See how to launch more use cases for advanced analytics, no matter what the underlying infrastructure, from on-premises or cloud to hybrid or multi-cloud
  • Learn how to increase data engineers’ productivity by 10X
  • Consult with an experienced big data solution architect about your specific situation

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