Are you migrating your data to Amazon Redshift? Whether you’re transitioning from Teradata, Netezza, Oracle or another legacy system, you will enjoy the benefits of a modern data architecture, including speed, scalability and reduced cost. 

But migrating massive volumes of data is challenging, and onboarding your data to Redshift is more than just data ingestion. For this critical first stage, you also need to plan and execute data synchronization and governance. If you don’t include these best practices, you can build a data swamp!

Join Infoworks and AWS for this educational webinar. In the webcast, you will:

  • Learn how to speed up data onboarding to Redshift with automation
  • Learn how to easily migrate existing transformation scripts from legacy systems
  • Consider how to secure and tokenize your data during onboarding to AWS
  • Learn how to simplify cloud data management with best practices such as change data capture, metadata management, governance, error checking and capturing schema changes
  • See a demonstration of technology and best practices to automate data onboarding

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