Data Lake vs. Cloud Data Warehouse
How to Leverage the Advantages of Both with a Modern Data Architecture

Both data lakes and cloud data warehouses are skyrocketing in popularity for organizations seeking to modernize their data architecture. But which one should you choose?

There are different advantages to each of these data platforms, depending on the use case. In fact increasingly, organizations are leveraging both, combining data lakes and cloud data warehouses into what is termed the modern data architecture. This advanced architecture can optimize performance and cost, but can also introduce complexity in staging, deployment and ongoing management if best practices are not applied in the design and implementation of the architecture.

View this educational video and you will:

  • Learn the use cases that are most suitable to data lakes vs. cloud data warehouses
  • Hear about the modern data architecture that maximizes the advantages of both
  • Learn the common challenges that can arise in managing this advanced architecture
  • See how to operate a highly adaptable data management environment that can be quickly adjusted as technology evolves within a modern data architecture

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Sal Scalisi
Solutions Architect




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