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Data Operations and Orchestration Across Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

The adoption of cloud data platforms is exploding. And yet, many enterprises have both on-premises and cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes — a hybrid data environment. What is more, many enterprises choose to use more than one cloud vendor for their cloud-based data platforms. The advantages of a multicloud data environment include avoiding cloud vendor lock-in, and leveraging different cloud vendors to capitalize on their different strengths.

But there are big challenges when it comes to managing data and workloads across hybrid multicloud data environments. For example, it’s difficult to get an integrated view of the disparate data environments. This makes it critical to select a data operations and orchestration platform that enables you to execute across multiple environments.

Watch this recorded webinar on Data Operations and Orchestration Across Hybrid and Multicloud Environments and you will learn:

  • Why enterprises want hybrid and multicloud data architectures, and the common pain points that prevent them from getting there
  • How to avoid cloud vendor lock-in by working across multiple clouds
  • How to structure your data architecture with an abstraction layer to gain flexibility in any compute platform
  • How to get a single view of the data environment across multiple data platforms
  • Best practices for speeding up the development and on-going management of data pipelines

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Andy Puckett
Solution Architect




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