Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks: How and Why

More and more organizations are modernizing their analytics and machine learning by moving from Hadoop to Databricks. So what is driving this trend? And how do you go about migrating?

Join Infoworks, Databricks and Tech Mahindra at this live webinar to learn about the details of Hadoop migration, including:
  • The economics behind migration, from cost savings to effectiveness improvements such as completing more analytics use cases and delivering business value more quickly
  • The challenges and roadblocks you’ll have to overcome — such as migrating your data from Hadoop to Delta Lake and migrating the workloads from SQL or other languages to Spark
  • Case studies on data lake migration from Hadoop to Databricks
  • How to simplify the migration process through automated ingestion and data onboarding, including a brief demo of Infoworks


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