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Migrating Hadoop to the Cloud:
How to Simplify and Speed Up Your Project with Automation

Many data teams are moving their on-premise Hadoop to the cloud in order to gain elasticity, flexibility and ROI. But it's not easy to migrate Hadoop to the cloud! Whether you're migrating to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, there are some major challenges that can swamp you if you don't prepare.

Join Infoworks for an educational webinar on Migrating Hadoop to the Cloud, and you will learn:

  • Common challenges with migrating complex data and workloads from a legacy Hadoop infrastructure
  • How to speed up and simplify your project by leveraging automation for migration of both data and data workloads
  • How to synchronize the data between the the Hadoop infrastructure and the cloud quickly at scale
  • How to set the stage for automating new projects in the cloud beyond the initial migration

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Willy Zaporozan
Solution Architect




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