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Onboard Your Streaming Data to a Cloud Data Lake

In a modern data architecture, you have to deal with a multitude of data types -- from legacy types such as structured and relational data, to newer data types like non-relational and realtime or streaming data. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT), industry analysts estimate that by 2025, 30% of all data will be streaming data. So how do you best integrate this growing data source into your data architecture?

Join Infoworks for an educational webinar on Onboarding Your Streaming Data to a Cloud Data Lake and you will hear:

  • An overview of the type of data variously known as streaming, real time or event based data
  • How streaming data fits among the multitude of data types in modern data architecture
  • The top challenges of onboarding streaming data
  • How Infoworks handles onboarding and integrating streaming data such as Kafka

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Andy Puckett

Solution Architect, Infoworks



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