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Rapidly Evaluate and Launch Automated Data Onboarding
Plus a Sneak Peek Starter Pack to Move You Into Production

Onboarding data to the cloud is far more complex than it needs to be! As the new year starts, it’s time to evaluate the latest technology for simplifying the time-consuming, manually-intensive work of making data available for analytics in the cloud. But what’s the best way to quickly reach a yes/no decision on a new technology?

Join Infoworks for this webinar on how to evaluate automated data onboarding and see first hand how much easier it can be. Learn about:

  • The benefits of simple, fast and agile data onboarding
  • How to use the self-service Infoworks Test Drive and Free Trial to connect a source, crawl metadata, create a data catalog, establish lineage, set up data synchronization and ingest data
  • How to make the most of your time when using Infoworks Test Drive and Free Trial
  • A new limited-time starter pack from Infoworks to help you move from proof of concept to production

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Kamal Maheshwari

Data Specialist, Infoworks


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