Recorded One-hour Webinar / Workshop

Onboard Your Data to Delta Lake

Delta Lake brings data reliability and performance to your data lake, but how do you simplify the time-consuming and manually-intensive first step of making your data available for analytics? Onboarding data is more than just data ingestion.

Join Infoworks and Databricks for this one-hour hands-on workshop about onboarding your data to Delta Lake, giving you one platform to collaborate on all of your data, analytics and AI workloads. In the workshop, you will:

  • Use Infoworks’ Test Drive to build a data pipeline to Delta Lake
  • Review best practices for data onboarding, such as change data capture, cataloging, governance, and automation
  • Learn how to connect a source, crawl metadata, create a data catalog, establish data lineage, set up data synchronization and ingest data
  • Hear an update on the Databricks Lakehouse platform
  • See for yourself the benefits of powerful data onboarding coupled with a modern cloud data platform

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Kamal Maheshwari

Data Specialist



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Ariel Amster

Senior Manager, Technology Partners



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